About Us

The Sisters Collective is a large group of sisters working together to help the newcomer families and families in need in our community to provide a proper environment and life for their families.

Our aim is to provide social assistance and nearly new household items/clothing which is donated from our members and our members social circles to those who are most vulnerable in our small city.

We run an annual Ramadan Eid Gift drive to our muslim newcomer families in London Ontario who have not been financially stable since arriving into our area to live. London Ontario has established help for Christmas holiday for the needy christian families but the Muslim families don’t have this help for Eid, we fill that gap for equality for these families.

We also fund a sales table at one community sale per year to allow our participating families show their skills and make a small amount to help their families to teach them about small business ideas in Canadian commerce.

We accept donations of gifts in kind for our families if you or someone you know has extra household items which are in good repair that you would use them in your own homes or extra clothing or foodstuffs you could donate to help the families who we help please contact us and a sister will teach out to you to arrange pick up or delivery.

We appreciate your help and support in our endeavors to make our city a welcoming place to all.